Addition Elimination reaction

Sir, can u please define some particular criterias or situations from which i can suppose that addition elimination reaction is going to occur?


Posted On: Jan 05 '15 at 19:16
Dear Bikiran,

Although there is no such a fix criteria for addition elimination reactions in general but in class11th,12th and JEE syllabus only Nucleophilic addition elimination reactions are given which cover following major reaction types:

1. all kinds of Esterifications 

2. Rxn. of Ammonia with HCHO and Acetone (with acetaldehyde it is Nu addition only)

3. Rxn with ammonia derivatives like primary and secondary amine, hydroxyl amine, hydrazine, phenyl hydrazine, 2,4 dinitrophenyl hydrazine, semicarbazide 

In general up to JEE syllabus these reactions involve attack of a nucleophile over carbonyl group with the condition that the condition that the nucleophile contains atleast one acidic H attached to it.

Remember, there is a very thin line between the condensation reactions and addition elimination reactions, as the products in the former case are of polymeric resinous nature. 


Sanjay Sharma (DreamJEE Faculty)
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